Mistress Turns Men Into Sissy She-Male Slaves

Sissy She-male Slave/

Do you desire a mistress to turn you into a sissy she male as you should know mistress will both mentally and physically re-mold sissy to fit her perspective of what a She-male slave girl will be?
Controlled completely by Mistress, Mistress will make the life a continual round of fully feminized slavery bending and shaping into the perfect feminized and obedient sissy her desire.

Training a man to become a sissy slut start with the basics, women’s underwear under male clothing, chastity, painted toenails, body fully shaved with pink woman gel and pink razor, waxing, and full female attire at home and let’s not forget to paint those fingernails and top it off with a pretty wig,

 True feminization is also emasculation and it is a continuous process from which a male will never ever returns.”

Mistress Kandi

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